SanBé Beauty

Betty Johnson & Sandra Blua started SanBé Beauty because studies show that the average woman puts over 100+ chemicals per day on her body. We felt passionate about creating a skincare line that is free of chemicals while made of raw and organic ingredients. 
— SanBé Beauty

Y'all I have got to tell you about these products I got from SanBé Beauty. SanBé Beauty is a small business run by two fabulous ladies I know personally. Both of them thrive on finding all natural solutions that aren't loaded with harsh chemicals and perfumes. Their products include a wide variety of facial creams, lip balm, and more. These products were gifted to me and should be in your home immediately.

What girl doesn't have a good lip balm in her purse? I find myself constantly putting lip balm on, so I'm always having to buy more. You know how your lips dry quickly with most lip balms and you have to keep reapplying it? This lip balm doesn't do that. My lips stay moisturized and have a slight shine to them like I just put on lip gloss.

Despite the weather being incredibly humid almost year round in Okinawa, my skin is dry. It's even worse now that I'm not pregnant. Weird how pregnancy changes your body, even after you've given birth. The scent I have is Lemongrass Frankincense. Lemongrass is one of my most favorite scents and essential oils. This body cream is an easy win in my book.


I'm not one to take a ton of baths. I'm more of a shower person. After having Jacob, some fellow mamas suggested I soak in the tub to relax and relieve some pain. I ran myself a hot bath and poured the Spa Bath Soak in the water. I love how the scent of this soak is uplifting, cleansing, and energizing. It’s exactly what’s needed to recharge your batteries after a long day. You can add a little or a lot. It’s totally up to you and what you are needing in the moment.

A good all-purpose ointment is something that everyone needs in their arsenal. from diaper rashes to incredibly dry skin, mamas see it all. I am loving how natural this product is. I'm noticing a difference in Jacob's forearms, where his skin is the most dry. His skin feels softer and it doesn't take forever to notice a change. I get impatient with products that take weeks or even months to feel a difference.

If shopping small businesses is something you advocate for, I highly recommend becoming a customer of SanBé Beauty products.

To all my ladies on Okinawa, SanBé Beauty products can be found at the Kadena Gift Corner. If you're not on island, don't worry! You can order their products online. The wonderful thing about their website is they list every single ingredient in each product so you know exactly what you're using. They also list instructions on how to use each product properly.

Along the way, we saw many of our customers improve their skin & wellbeing. This gives us great joy, and encourages us to keep delivering our customers with healthier yet affordable skincare options. We hope to be your “go to” skincare brand or your new wellness routine partner in crime.
— SanBé Beauty

Until next time,