Toxin Free Scent Booster


I love for my laundry to have a strong scent because I feel like it smells cleaner for longer periods of time. Detoxing my laundry routine was fairly easy, including changing how I infuse natural fragrances into my wash routine. This DIY project is one that I find nice because I can personalize it for my entire routine. Jacob’s laundry has a specific scent. Our household items have their own. Even mine and David’s laundry has its own special fragrance. I can customize it to whatever we need.

For this recipe, you will need:

Epsom salt

Glass jar

Essential oil of choice



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Fill a small bowl with epsom salt. Add 15-20 drops of your essential oil of choice. Patchouli is a popular oil in our house, so naturally I wanted to try it in our laundry routine.


Use a spoon to mix the essential oil and epsom salt together. It’s okay if you get little clumps like what you see in the picture above. The more you mix it, the clumps will disappear.


After you have mixed the essential oil and epsom salt together, spoon or pour it into a glass jar.


Attach the lid and give it a good shake. Be sure to add a sticker or label to the jar so you know what scent it is.


Add as much or as little as you want to your washer before you start a cycle. It’s totally up to what you prefer! I count to three in my head to roughly measure out how much I want to use. I like to make these when I’m doing giveaways because they’re so easy and quick to make.

Until next time,