Using Essential Oils

Have you ever picked up something new at the store and thought, "Heck yeah. I know exactly what to do with this!" I have. Then when you get home, you realize you have no idea what you're doing? Yep. Been there too. This is exactly how I felt when I bought my first bottle of essential oil. I was so confident, but boy was that trampled quickly.

In my previous posts about how essential oils are made and what carrier oils are, I spilled a ton of information. This post will be way less information because you can count on one hand how many ways you can use oils. You can diffuse them, use them topically, or ingest them. It's super easy.


Topical use is just like it sounds. You put the oil on top of your skin. If you use this method, this is where carrier oils come in. Life Science has a book that explains properly how to dilute the essential oil you are using into a carrier oil. If you decide against using a carrier oil, please make sure you understand that this can cause irritation to your skin. Some oils more than others are known to do this. A quick google search or a look inside the Life Science book can give you an answer.

Diffusing essential oils is probably the most well known method. You can find diffusers just about anywhere nowadays. The ones I have are from Young Living. Amazon has a wide variety to choose from as well. Each diffuser has its own little perks, but they all work in the same general manner. There is a water reservoir that you fill according to the instructions. You can add whatever essential oils you want to the water. Pinterest has tons of blends you can try out or you can create your own.


With ingestion, you add essential oils to your food, your drinks, and take them like a vitamin. You can purchase gel capsules if you want to try this method for yourself. Please research oils before doing this to make sure it's safe. If you’re unsure, you can consult with a medical professional.

Until next time,