Hey y'all! I'm Holly Johnsen and I am the face behind Essentially Mothering. I am married to a wonderful man named David, have a handsome son named Jacob, and we are entertained daily by my dog Ava. I have a passion for natural products and finding new ways to incorporate them into our every day lives.

Along with devoting my time to learning new natural ways, I am dedicated to growing my relationship with God. My family's Catholic faith helps keep me grounded and encouraged to be the best version of myself day after day.


This blog was built with a desire to share my knowledge with y'all. Once Jacob entered into our family, I couldn't imagine overwhelming his little body with so many chemicals and toxins. I know there are mothers out there just like me who want the best for their family. Essentially Mothering was created with y'all in mind.

My promise to y'all is to be honest about products I am using, how I use them, and where I buy them. I promise to show you where I get my information and I challenge you to do your own research. Please don't take my word for gospel. Decide for yourself if what I introduce to y'all is something you want to incorporate into your family's life.



I haven't always strived to find the best products for our household. I used to buy whatever I thought looked best or what I had used growing up. I didn't care too much about what ingredients were in products. I thought that the harsher they were, the more effective they were.

After getting married and becoming the sole shopper for our home, I realized I had the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. I started to research what I was buying and how I could replace it with a more natural product. Quickly, I became frustrated because I wasn't finding products that were affordable. Quality items aren't always cheap, but some of the prices were ridiculous! This lit a fire in me to find a way to get what I wanted without breaking the bank.

As I met more people in our area, they introduced me to essential oils and natural brands that they trusted. I did my own research (which I highly encourage you to always do!) and discovered I could make some products myself without spending a fortune on name brands. I also realized that some of the products I was using in my daily routine weren't as harmful as I originally thought.


I absolutely love Mexican food, tea, and reading. Whenever I take trips back home, I have one Mexican restaurant I go to at the first available opportunity. Oh! I almost forgot to mention we live overseas. My husband's job sent us to Japan, but don't worry. We won't be out of our beloved United States for too much longer.

My husband is highly interested in finances and investing, so when we aren't planning our next trip, we are talking about how to better prepare for our lives outside of his career.